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ENSEMBLE VOLANTE is: Alisha Redmond (composer/pianist), Piera Dennerstein (soprano) and Grazia Marin (visual artist/lyricist). They formed in 2017, fuelled by a deep appreciation of each other’s work and a desire to combine their art forms in new ways. Together they create new contemporary art music inspired by the boundless Australian landscape. Their work seeks to inspire the listener with a sense of wonder and immersion in the natural world through song.


Volante - "to move with light rapidity, to fly"

'Redmond's haunting score... dark and unpredictable'

— Lot's Wife

"[Grazia Marin's work] is powerful and dynamic ... [it] has a strong force of its own."

— Contemporary Art Society of Victoria

“Piera Dennerstein’s vocal capacity ... is extraordinary”

— Stage Whispers

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